Forced Intox St Patty’s Day Phone Sex Chatroom Game

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Did you forget this weekend is St Patty’s Day? Well I didn’t  and guess what?! My sexy friends and I are throwing a St. Patty’s Day Forced Intox Party in our phone sex chatroom this Friday, March 15, starting a 9pm Eastern Standard Time.  We are going to play a game that will reveal sexy secrets about us and we want you there!

Noticed there’s a lot more girls in the chatroom lately? Well this is a great way to get to know us and chat with a girl you’ve been thinking about doing a call with! Everyone’s invited

Everyone’s invited so have your favorite alcohol ready and be prepared to get drunk for us! We WILL be forcing you to take shots and when you get trashed any secrets you reveal will be used against you! Hahahahaha.

I can’t wait to see you there!

Jennifer 1-888-314-2771



Tease and Denial Phone Sex

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Tease and denial phonesex is such a wicked little thing.  All that power in the palm of your hand as you stroke up and down.  Sweat running down your face and your entire body tense, cock is rigid with the forceful need to cum. And you know that when you cum,  you are going to cum so hard and so much. You pump your hips into your hand because you are getting so close and it feels so so hot.

But you forgot one important thing. All of that power is NOT in the palm of your hand. It’s in mine.  And as you desperately stroke your pulsating dick, you hear me say the words “stop stroking you can’t cum! ” Hahahaha, the sound of you whimpering and begging for release is like music to my ears. You see, I love to see you like this. Completely at my mercy knowing that I could decide at any moment, that you WILL NOT get to cum at all. How frightening that must be for you!

How will you reason with me? What will you promise me? Will it be enough for me take pity on you and allow you release? You better hope and pray that whatever it is, it’s worth more than the fun I get from watching your balls turn blue!

Think I’m bluffing? Just ask poor Ron. I made him go six months without cuming. Every week he would call me, so sure that I would let him burst. Thinking he EARNED IT. No fucking clue. I decide when you’ve earned the right to cum and until then, I don’t care if your balls turn purple. Your cock belongs to me! How long can you stroke for your mistress? Call me and we will find out!

Jennifer 1-888-314-2771

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Masturbating Monday

snow storm, mutual masturbatingSee that? Who wants to go out into that? We had two major snow storms hit my area in one week! Icy roads, crazy drivers and wind cold enough to freeze my nipples off! No thanks I will stay home and cuddle up on my couch

What am I doing today?  I’m sitting at home sipping on a delicious cup of hot cocoa. Being so warm and cozy has a side affect though. My nipples rubbing against the inside of my fluffy robe and my soft skin tingling as I curl up on the couch. Next thing I know my hand is slipping between my legs teasing and playing with my sexy little wet spot. MMmmm want to cum join me?

Talk to you soon,

Jennifer 1-888-314-2771


Thank you for the lovely Valentine’s Day ♥

Here are a few of my favorites!
Valentine's maniA manicure from my groveling Diaper Sissy Nick! He loves to click my mani/pedi button on Niteflirt!


Roses from some random guy, I have no clue who!

my new samsung galaxy s3!

New SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 from my little money piggy paul! I love this phone! Omg I love it!!

I love that you love to spoil me! Listen to my special Thank you!

Your Naughty Phone Girl,

Jennifer 1-888-314-2771


♥ Your Valentine Mistress ♥


♥Happy Valentine’s Day!♥ My doorbell has been ringing ALL morning with gifts and special treats. My yahoo is being flooded with giftcards! It feels good to spoil your Mistress, huh?  It gives your life purpose and meaning to submit completely. o0o0o0, there’s the doorbell again! I can’t wait to see what it is next! Talk to you later!

CLICK BELOW to email me an AMAZON GIFTCARD!! My email address is !

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Magic Panties ~ New MP3!



Guess what girly boys! Last night  Tanya and I were feeling extra naughty we  put together a special treat. We made super sexy 2 girl MP3, in which we both totally emasculate and feminize you! Will you be able to behave and keep that teeny sissy clitty of yours from squirting  to soon or will you shame yourself  in front us both?

Click here to listen to sample!

Click picture below to purchase!

Buy from YourNaughtyPhoneGirl through 


Jennifer 1-888-314-2771 

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Super Bowl XLVII Phone Sex Special


The Denver Broncos Made it to playoffs this year.  We were so close I could almost FEEL Super Bowl, but I guess this year it just wasn’t to be :(

Okay time to move on! This year’s Super Bowl is going to go down in the record books. Two brothers,  one coaching the East Coast team Baltimore Ravens and the other coaching the West Coast time, San Francisco 49ers. I don’t even know who to cheer for. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy a good game of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Super Bowl 47

Hahaha, that’s not the only reason I watch football. I love to see a group of hard muscled  alpha males running up and down the football field in those tight pants. Mmm, mmm, the way those tight pants fit those big bulging muscles legs muscles get me wet every time.


So I decided to do a little Super Bowl Phone Sex Special! Everyone that calls during the Super Bowl Sunday gets a FREE 5 Minutes added to any paid call 15 minutes or longer!

To claim your 5 minutes all you have to do is give me a call at 1-888-314-2771 ! or if you are a  NiteFlirt Caller click the call button below. Talk to you soon!

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Is it Really 2013?

sissy slave, mistress, phonesex

Omg! It’s been FOREVER since I’ve blogged on here! I was super busy with school last semester, and I barely had time for anything else! I can’t believe how quickly the time is flying by! Is it really 2013? Is it REALLY the end of January? Crazy! Anyways, I’ve really really missed you all so much!  All my lil sissy girls and submissive boys hanging on my every word. I can’t wait to catch up and find out what you all have been up to! Thanks to everyone for hanging in there with me! Now,  I know some of you are pouting and feeling soooo neglected (you know who you are).  Just remember, in the very near future when you are on your knees with little sissy tears running down your cheeks, YOU ASKED FOR IT!! Hahahaha!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon! You know better than to keep me waiting…. P.S. New callers don’t forget to sign up with NiteFlirt to claim your FREE MINUTES!!

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Free Sissy Assignment Phone Sex

School is out for the summer yay! But I decided to take a very laid back creative writing course to keep my mind sharp and because I love to write of course! And I discovered a little treasure! It’s called a Diamante poem.  A diamante poem is a poem that uses adjectives and -ing words to describe something. Also it’s in a shape of a diamond. See example below :)


Beautiful, enchanting

Dominating, captivating, feminizing

Overwhelmingly superior to you in EVERY way

Alluring, knowing, teasing

Bratty, playful


Your feminization assignment is as follows. I want you to create two diamante poems! One devoted to worshiping me like the one above and one describing yourself as a feminized creature,   If I like your poems. I will let you personally read them to me during a call free of charge! Click here if you need help on writing your poem! Have fun and talk to you soon!

Jennifer ~ 1-888-314-2771


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The Face of a Coward

This is a is a reminder to be VERY careful what you wish for boys. Chris is a fairly new caller of mine.  He came to me begging to push him over the edge. “Please make me suck cock, mistress” Chris begged me over and over!  ”Turn me into a pathetic alley walking, piece of filthy cum guzzling faggot” He also begged! Now with new callers I usually take my time and get to know them so I can find out just how far they want to take their fantasies. Some callers prefer role plays, eroctic storytelling, tasks,  assignments, and for various personal reasons choose not to go much further than that. Maybe they need more time to grow in their sexuality, maybe they fear being discovered by family and friends, or maybe they just don’t want to cross the line between fantasy to reality.

Chris, however, assured me he was ready and he wanted to be my nasty loser cocksucking bitch. He even whined that I might not be the mistressfor him because he wanted it to be REAL. That pissed me off. I mean. What fucking nerve. I ignored him for a week, until he wrote me an email groveling, apologizing  and making him pay hefty stupid loser fee. I agreed to take him back

After that I told him he was going to get exactly what he asked for.  No roleplaying what so ever. He wanted me to use ANY means necessary, even blackmail to force him into being a complete faggot.  He was so nasty about  it too. Not only did he want to suck cock, he wanted to lick ass, swallow cum AND lick his own ass juices off of a man’s dick. Most of all he wanted a he wanted a Big Black DADDY DICK.

So we found  this guy who we’ll call  LOADGIVER, and let me tell you Load is so sexy. He has this really thick  chocolate dick and was ever so ready to pump Chris’ face. I was going to be there via phone to tell LOADGIVER exactly how I wanted him to use Chris. And Chris seemed so ready. He as almost like a panting puppy, begging for that big juicy dick to gush down his throat. But guess what? Chris was a no show. That’s right, after all that whining, begging, and talk about being ready, he was nowhere to be found…

So here he his. For all the world to see what a sniveling little bitch he is. Take a GOOD look and know that if you ever cross me, this could be you. It’s NEVER a smart idea to disobey or disappoint your mistress.  All you have to do is be honest about what you want and you won’t end up like this fucktard. What a fucking idiot, lol . Goodbye for now!

Jennifer ~1-888-314-2771


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P.S. You can find out more about LOADGIVER by clicking here